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United States

What is Perfect Body Image?

The ideals of beauty within the United States are strongly influenced by the media. In magazines, on television and in movies women are flooded with images of extremely thin, many times white women, with perfect complexions and long flowing hair. The media has gotten so out of control that magazines are constantly retouching images of models so that the final product looks nothing like the actually women that they were taking pictures of to begin with. Another thing that is evident in the media is that different races within the United States are portrayed differently. Many times African American women are placed in jungle prints or put with jungle scenery in the background. This gives them an almost savage look and likens them to being an exotic other. Also African American women are many times portrayed as being more curvy and full figured then white women, for example Beyonce or Tyra Banks. Even with these women being included in the media, there are many more instances of models who are emaciated and skinny in an extremely unhealthy way. There have even been many cases in which the actual model was not this thin but after photographers have retouched the image they make the model an unattainable weight. There is an extreme focus on the body as the defining feature of beauty. Women within the United States are being flooded with this Western ideal of beauty and it then comes to affect how they feel about themselves and how they think they need to look. In reality, they are striving for a goal that the models themselves can’t even attain because the pictures are not actually of them once they have been retouched.

Influence from Magazines

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