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This site looks at beauty ideals of women from different countries and cultures around the world


Due to the Islamatization of many of these countries, women are veiled or wear a burqa for religious purposes. Although women are very covered, the parts that can still be seen, such as the eyes […]

Nov, 04 · in Countries


“Westernizing” of Chinese Women China is an example of a country whose ideals of beauty are highly influenced by religion or a religious philosophy. Confucianism is emphasized in many parts of China and in Confucianism […]

Nov, 04 · in Countries


In the country of Turkey, Western beauty ideals have had the opposite effect on the women residing there. Here beauty is not seen as something that is oppressive to women but on the other hand […]

Oct, 31

United States

The ideals of beauty within the United States are strongly influenced by the media. In magazines, on television and in movies women are flooded with images of extremely thin, many times white women, with perfect […]

Oct, 31


The country of Egypt is located in Northern Africa, with sub-Saharan Africa to it’s south and Arab nations to it’s north. This region has been colonized by the Turks, French, British and Syrians at one […]

Oct, 17

India Arie

Video                      [Verse 1] Sometimes I shave my legs and sometimes I don’t Sometimes I comb my hair and sometimes I won’t Depend of how the […]

Oct, 05



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